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This is the Official site of International Yoth Advocacy, Ghana.You take some strow in our site and enjoy yourself.
On this site we will tell you the purpose of I.Y.A and something about the founder of I.Y.A. You will also know what I.Y.A.Ghana will do to help our community to maintain peace and help the needy children.
Thank you for visiting our site and we would like to hear from you.

The Club will give you information on how we are going to help maintain PEACE in our country and also help the needy children and also fight for children's right so that our voices will be heard.
Many children aroung the Globe are Hungry,some are suffering from chronic diseases,some school drop out,some are sexually abused and thier rights are also abused and this need to be addressed and must be solved.Children in Ghana and other countries are suffering from these problem and needs your help.
What is more important than PEACE.Join IYA today and help maintain Peace on this world.You will find our links in wherever you have.
Help the children to maintain PEACE and attain thier Right.

In this area, we might include links that highlight important or frequently updated areas of our site. For example, we might include links to the page that discusses upcoming events or that introduces new members.

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